Of good days and bad ones..

January 18, 2012

Hmm Days….for me they basically come in two types:

  1. When I don’t miss you.
  2. When I do…

And for the past 2-3 months they’ve only belonged to the second type.

p.s : I’ll get back to proper blogging once I successfully flush this crap out of my system…


Food for thought……

December 30, 2008

Real and authentic love in the romantic sense, and not merely sexual attraction, is a form of grace and a gift from Heaven. It rips through our soul like a powerful hurricane, uprooting our usual attachments and habits. It yanks the roots of our soul from the soil of complacency and self-centeredness. It causes joy as well as pain, ecstasy as well as longing. It detaches the soul from other entanglements and attaches it to the object of one’s love, even overcoming the mind’s scattered thoughts and concentrating the mind on that single object. Something of the absoluteness of the love for God becomes reflected in such a human love that requires utter selflessness and unlimited giving. Such a love, if authentic, does not diminish if the beloved becomes less beautiful outwardly and loses his or her external attractiveness because the object of that love is the person and not his or her attributes, which may be pleasing to the lover at one moment and not so later on. That is why authentic romantic love grows rather than diminishes as time goes on. Such a love is a gift from God to His creatures, whom He created in pairs, as the Qur’an asserts, and this love cannot in the deepest sense be separated from the love for God and God’s love for us. 

– Page 65, “The Spiritual Significance of Human Love,” in The Garden of Truth, by Seyyed Hossein Nasr .

The above excerpt was taken from here .

All time–All space–is mine. The Collective memory of the whole human race is beside me, sitting in this cave–my brain. And if I join the mad in claiming this, so be it. I am mad.

Dr Carl Jung in pilgrim

After finishing a ton load of assignments , Iam finally free!

There is a saying in my beloved urdu “Khaali zehn shaitaan kee aamaaj gah hua karta hai”  (An Empty mind becomes sattans abode)

Specially if that khaali zehn has been indulging in highly intellectually challanging ( read sucky) activities previously!

So i got thinking, How would it feel to be loved by someone? (Parents,siblings,friends excluded) lolz frankly the idea bored me. I appreciate the novelty of it, but isnt it all just a lot of talk? I mean who in this time and age of globalisation has time to offer undying love for generations and generations? (lolz excuse the teenagers, the dont know better!) .I ended up reaching the conclusion that “love” is just another instrument us humans have created to keep things interesting.

But darn these poems, This one slightly changed my mind.

I will bash love another day! 🙂