Stranger in a Strange land…

February 27, 2015

Oh wow, its been long since I came back here. Thought I would do a small update for any ghosts still reading this blog LOL.

On literally zero public demand, here are your updates:
Worked for two years after my bachelors

Doing Graduate studies in Germany right now as well as working at a huge IT company that shall remain nameless.

Oh and the girl who had me posting all that sad melodramatic love crap, well she got married….. to someone thats NOT me :p

Life is a level X troll. ROFLMAO

Anyway, enjoy the picture… Took this in Maastricht, Nederland. The guy tried selling me and my friend some marijuana and claimed to be a professional pianist. Interesting character.

"I play the piano, this is just to pay the bills"

“I play the piano, this is just to pay the bills”