Of good days and bad ones..

January 18, 2012

Hmm Days….for me they basically come in two types:

  1. When I don’t miss you.
  2. When I do…

And for the past 2-3 months they’ve only belonged to the second type.

p.s : I’ll get back to proper blogging once I successfully flush this crap out of my system…


Looking Back…

November 12, 2009

I wrote this for the University Magazine.

I could still feel back then.

It Baffles me….

October 30, 2009


  • People can drive for decades without acquiring an iota of road sense!
  • I start panicking way before exam time while all the actual study gets done a day or two before exams.
  • I have classes from 8.30 A.m to 4.30 P.m every single day of the week, Its inhumane!
  • Galz can get away with murder just by smiling at a guy, I should know better.
  • I can’t even fly a stupid kite.
  • I have gone numb to all the madness around me, bomb Blast in Saddar? how many dead? A 100? Inna lillah e wa inna ilaihi rajioon, wts for lunch by the way???
  • My parents still treat me as if I was a kid Forever the youngest in the family.
  • Ice cream makes you fat!
  • Scum bags of our world have it better than honest, well meaning folks
  • Electricity always “vanishes” when i decide to study lolz ok, ok this one’s on me! 😀
  • We let a handful of fundos impose their interpretation of the sharia on us.
  • AND  the list can go on but the last one is “It baffles me immensely that We keep electing  the same old lecherous politicians to power every five years, when there previous track record is pretty clear for all to see!!!!! “

So tell me people, what is it that touches you in that special way?  😛

    And Today……..

    July 11, 2009

    ….she smiled,

    and I forgot what I was doing there.

    I sooooo want to be a pheonix right now! 😦

    People are stupid, all of them in one way or another are just plain stupid!

    damn , I’m stupid !!!

    How so very stupid……..