German Brand Recommendations

May 22, 2015

A handy list of healthy vegan products in gERMANY

A Vegetarian in Germany

Below are a bunch of random notes about various brands of different products that I’ve tried here in Saarbruecken.



  • tortillas at Rewe (can’t remember the name): decent consistency, reasonable flavor; recommended
  • tortillas at Karstadt (El Fuego brand??):  very dry and flaky, thin, fall apart easily; not recommended
  • Don Enrico tortillas (from Edeka?) were not great, but not awful.
  • er Durum “tortillas” (Turkish store): not too thin, not too thick, not doughy, nice chew, seem to be made from a higher protein flour; hold together well; recommended.  Come in normal, large, and extra large.
  • I ordered blue corn tortillas online from a Mexican grocer. They weren’t cheap but were very tasty!

Tortilla chips:

  • El Fuego Chili Chips at Rewe.  They’re coated with some kind of yellow powder–mostly spices but also some strange stuff that I don’t recognize.  Not much corn flavor.  Not recommended.  2.09 for a small bag.


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