My house of cards…

December 25, 2011

And when one by one Allah calls all your bluffs, it feels strangely liberating…. like when you remove warm items of clothing almost violently in a stuffy over heated room and can breathe again.

Now you have nothing to prove, no chip on your shoulder.
Now you may live your life…..


2 Responses to “My house of cards…”

  1. Agreed!

    And the analogy you used reminds me of the story. I couldn’t find the short story, but here’s a modern short film version

  2. Ali Z. said

    Interesting video, I remember reading the short story in my F.Sc or matric Urdu curriculum, it was nice to see it picturized so well! 🙂 But i must admit, i didn’t have quite the same thing in my mind when i wrote these lines…
    Btw thanks for visiting the zambeel 🙂

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