Narratives of the Mildly Insomniac # 1

May 28, 2009

When sitting in an easy chair situated in your lawn at 3 in the morning, Weird and out of place thoughts are bound to come in your mind. Not perhaps as out of place as our beloved Mr. Zardari in the president house but still they are pretty mundane. For example , you start to marvel at your neighbor uncle’s extremely flexible sleep routine,during the night the dude gets up after every hour to turn on the generator and goes back to sleep without missing a beat. And it goes on and on all night. During my exams which finished recently, I had a whole revision schedule based on the comings and goings of TV waale uncle (He is some hot shot executive at PTV) , it went something like this.

*Me Pacing frantically while holding a book barely inches away from my nose*

The recursive call than back tracks and connects the left most node to the child of the right most node and……. “

*noise : Grrrrrr……grrrrrrrr*

wtf??!! Uncle TV is up. is it 3 a.m already??? and I’ve still got to cover five more chapters before the paper at 8, shit shit SHIT!!!! “


This will be a series of short,random and pointless posts about my weird sleeping habits. You guys are welcome to post any stories of your own in the comments! 🙂


14 Responses to “Narratives of the Mildly Insomniac # 1”

  1. siras said

    LOL! Nice way to figure out the time. 😛

    • shine87 said

      yeah i don’t look at clocks during exams coz if i do than i spend all the time obsessing bout how lil time i’ve left to prepare lolz, so i keep track of time thorugh weird lil things like that! 🙂

  2. Cavaliere said

    this Uncle is a nauughty character, nai ? 😀

    • shine87 said

      lolz naughty as in? :p

      Mjhe to dil ka zour bohut lagta hai inka, I used to happily sleep without a fan when there was no electricity instead of getting up and turning on the generator, thank god for the UPS! 😀

  3. AD said

    lol! that was a refreshin read 🙂

  4. Komal Ali said

    OmG! Some people are just “characters”. I had a weird habit which only came up during exams. I used to eat Gluco a lot o-O

    I hope your exams went awesome! 🙂

    • shine87 said

      lolz really??? i start craving for snicker bars !!!!! 😀

      and the exams were a mixed bunch , but they certainly went much better than what i was expecting, 🙂

  5. Ayesha said

    I know only one thing that our neighbor’s generator makes hellish noise 😐

    Ah… your preparation reminded me my exam days 😛 I was no different than you (while making last hour preparations for an exam) except that we never had such sort of load shedding at that time.

  6. you ve not blogged in a long time.
    hope all is well

  7. infallable said

    You made me lol with this one. Exams always bring out weird quirks in people…
    I always spend half my study time during exams drinking thermos upon thermos of chai to keep me awake, and the other half getting rid of the chai.
    And then after that much caffeine i end up giggling at my finance books.
    Exams suck.

  8. So nice to know some other people have such horrible study routines…. Aaaaaaargh ! I’ve got 10 chapters to do before 3am tonight…

    p.s. i really enjoyed reading the way you synchronized with the tv waly uncle .In the dead of night,the hyperactive mind latches onto weird sounds and smells.

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