Age Of Innocence Where Art Thou….??!!

May 25, 2009

Either Life was extremely good growing up or I’m going through a really shitty time of my life rite now.

Not winning the Afternoon Cricket match, Played with a Broken Bat and a Plastic ball used to be the biggest disappointment.

Sitting with galz in class was to be avoided at all costs!!!  *They Have GERMS 😀 *

Having an ear ache ( Fake) was a completely legitimate excuse to miss school.

Ammi Used to wake me up every morning with an ” utho Chanda subha hogayi hai.”

I miss those days and I know they can’t be brought back.

I guess now I will have to stand up and face my present and future!


3 Responses to “Age Of Innocence Where Art Thou….??!!”

  1. siras said

    Oh I miss those days now!!

  2. i think we wanna return to innocence 🙂

  3. shine87 said

    @ Siras

    Nostalgia, Nostalgia! 🙂

    @ Americanising Desi

    Don’t we all ?? :p

    Welcome to the blog btw! 🙂

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