Dance like no ones watching!!!!

January 1, 2009

I wanna jump up and down (Thats the only dance I know 🙂  ), on some crazy bollywood dance number. But can’t do that for a coupla reasons. Its Muharram and although I do not belong to the ehl-e-tasheeh, but still this month requires respect and sobriety. I do not have any crazy bollywood dance numbers on my PC, had to format everything courtesy a virus kit I downloaded to find out the inner workings of everyday generic viruses, the A** hole developer put in a back door and started infecting everything! :$ A really rubbish thing to do, but hey anything for learning.  It wasn’t all bad though, at least now I know how to make a computer virus and put my own back door in if ever I feel so inclined! 😀 

Wow, guess who is in a chatty mood today? lolz I started with dancing and ended with a brief lecture on computer viruses.nice……..

And oh.. Happy New Year Y’all!!!!!!!  😀

More tonight! 🙂


4 Responses to “Dance like no ones watching!!!!”

  1. UTP said

    when bloggers turn up in a chatty mood…something like the above happens heheh…

  2. siras86 said

    Happy New Year to u too!

  3. Seher said

    happy new year to you too 🙂
    chitter chatter all thru the year !!

  4. Dance like no ones watching! ;p

    hmmm… I’ve read this line somewhere before n it hit me like anything.My mind has transformed it into

    Study like everybody’s watching! 😮

    Visit my blog too, i.e, *if* you don’t have exams =)


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