The Year 2008….

December 29, 2008

Ok I have been tagged by siras to do a post about the year 2008. This is my first ever tag so I am kinda excited, here goes nothing.  🙂

* Became a Senior at uni.

* Wrote a few novellas and short stories.

*Took up blogging,dropped it after a month and now I have started again.

*Drove from Peshawar to Islamabad to Lahore and back in less than 24 hours for the first time in my life.

*Did my first ever internship at “save the children” . Got a certificate and 5000 Rs, All of which were spent in a single day giving treats! 😦

*Worked at the local camp for displaced people from Bajour.I Helped in making wooden toilet cubicles.

*Donated blood twice.

*Was asked to leave the class room for the first time ever in my entire academic life when an argument  in Pak Studies class got out of hand.

* Was made assistant editor of the university magazine “FAST Forum”.

*Dropped a course for the first time.

*Helped organize “FAST-age” mega drama Festival (which was a huge success) .

*Participated in the LUMS olympiad.

*Learned Adobe photoshop, ASP.NET, Maya and Dreamweaver.

*Saved 10,000 Rs for buying a new cell phone but at the end i couldn’t wait any longer and squandered all of it.

*Opened a bank account in my own name for the first time, though what’s inside it was loaned by dad with the understanding that it was not going to be touched or  paid back! 🙂

*Converted the ownership of my cell no to my own name. it was previously in my dad’s name.

*Discovered a few new authors (new to me)

Sher Shah (The Project)

Bapsi Sidhwa (The crow eaters)

Cheryl Benard (Murder In Peshawar)

Muhammad Hanif ( A Case Of Exploding Mangoes)

Umaira Ahmad ( Peer-e-kamil, La Haasil)

Timothy Findley (Pilgrim)

*Read some books by my all time favorite authors.

Mohsin Hamid (The reluctant fundamentalist)

Jefferey Archer ( Cat’o’nine tales)

John Grisham (Playing for pizza)

Khalid houseini ( A thousand splendid suns)

*Watched a lot of new movies, some of my favorites were:-

Birds Of America (Extremly twisted, Hillariously funny)

Once (An independent british movie about two struggling musicians)

The Dark Knight 

How to lose friends and alienate people ( The book was better in my opinion)

Good Time Max ( An independent movie)

Two days in Paris

The Battle in Seatle

Sun Of  Rambow (Cute)

Smart People

The Whackness.



Thats about it i guess. and oh any one reading this post who WANTS to be tagged should consider his/her self tagged 🙂


4 Responses to “The Year 2008….”

  1. siras said

    WOW! cool.. driving from peshawar to islamabad to lahore and back must have been fun!
    Feels good to have your sim on your name right! 🙂

    Nicely done!

  2. shine87 said

    It was indeed.loadsa fun! though on the return leg i was so tired that i dozed off once and my couzin had to nudge me in the ribs pretty hard!

    And yes having ur sim in your name does feel good, kinda adult-isshhh! 🙂

  3. SAWJ said

    Good list man. I have the same problem with money, tickles if it’s in the pocket! 😉

  4. shine87 said

    Thx man. and you are right about the tickling part. Usually by the 15th of every month I am left with an empty pocket. so consequently i have to ask my mom for more or take a loan from my sis the interest on which is ghastly! sad sad story! 😦

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