My First Ever Interview

December 29, 2008

I had been interviewed by the Pakistani Spectator recently. You can read it here .

And now i’ll go and LMAO. 😀

Me ?? getting interviewd?? hahahaha…………….. Enjoy.


21 Responses to “My First Ever Interview”

  1. UTP said

    The Paki spectator is doing a good job…promoting blogs….

    I dont know for what reason …. I didnt give my interview…too shy i suppose…hehhe…

    GOOD JOB…seems like there is a celebrity hidden in ya somewhere…

  2. supersizeme said

    haha.. good job!
    i got ‘interviewed’ by them like aages ago, like a year ago maybe and it was a complete disaster, haha!
    they didn’t link my blog, put my REAL NAME on there, blowing my cover and other small, trivial things.

    but yeah.. well done bwoy!!!

  3. shine87 said

    @ UTP

    hahahahaha Is it that obvious??? dang I must remember not to carry that damn chihuahua everywhere with me! 😛

    @ Siras



    The same things happened with me, but hey who cares. I didn’t have much of a cover to begin with! 😀
    Welcome to the Zambeel 🙂

  4. Walking Away said

    Lol, nice job!
    I liked the way you answered their queries 😛

  5. shine87 said

    Aah thank you…… thank you.
    Care to introduce yourself? 🙂

  6. supersizeme said

    hey, thanks!
    they did that to you too.. grrr! honestly though, it’s good they’re promoting bloggers like this, some bloggers genuinely need the exposure.

    it’s probably a girl thing, this whole ‘protect the identity’ thing, or maybe that there’s a bunch of people i truly respect and they see some talent in me in writing, but if they ever read my secret blog (if they knew my name) i’d be really, really embarrassed, this blog was just meant for me to be ‘me’ spelling, grammar and B.S. galore, they can seriously not know it’s the same person, haha!

  7. Dear supersizeme, we regret that we blew it up. Please email me at ghazala.khi at with changes you require in your interview and we will comply and please accept our apologies.

    best regards


  8. supersizeme said

    oh! no, sorry Ghazala! i didn’t mean it to come out that way, i was really just having a laugh at my own expense. i did actually speak to you at that time and you made the changes i needed anyway, so that’s sorted.

    sorry again, i can say some really idiotic stuff at times.
    thanks for the consideration. 🙂

  9. 🙂 All the best superzieme and dear all may I request all of you to please stay in touch at, as our site is right now being bombarded by the Indian commentors and we need more and more Pakistani commentors to debunk them.

    best regards

  10. shine87 said

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………………………Am I the only one who found it all extremly funny? 😀

  11. shine87 said

    Damn WAPDA, I missed so much live fun! 😦

  12. Zeenat said

    Good show!!

    I recently started a blog of mine. I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll and vice verse.

  13. shine87 said

    Welcome to the Zambeel zeenat.
    And you have been added to my blogroll. 🙂

  14. supersizeme said

    nooo… shine! don’t do it! i’ve come across this blogger before – the luscious 69 one, i took a peak at her blog and it’s gandaa mandaa!! please say that’s not your thing!?

    oye, don’t laugh! i wasn’y funny, just embarrassing for me. :p

    ghazala, ofc i’ve been wanting to dig my teetch into a substantial argument for a while, this’ll be interesting, you wanna join me shine? let’s bash some bollywood ass! haha!

  15. supersizeme said

    wasn’t* funny

    dig my teeth* not teetch*

    i’m off to a good start already with my spelling i can just tell i’ll be a success already! whoop di doo!

  16. supersizeme said

    hey ghazala, sorry but i dont think i can do it.
    NOT that i’m chicken but because i dont even agree with the actual articles in the first place to enable me to retort back to the indian commentors. it’s full of the same negative anti-pakistan material i’ve read in places like chowk, which truly only attracts malicious commentors from india as it feeds their prejudice.

    the best and most satisfying thing to do is comment moderation, just delete ALL their comments and let rip on your articles and when they desperately try to come back with their essay-long responses, just laugh and delete! it’s therapeutic knowing they’re squirming! 😉

  17. shine87 said

    lolz its not my thing. And I came to know about the ganda mandaa nature of tht blog last nite. But by that time I had in my usual style added her in my blogroll thinking that it must be some harmless blog about recipies or whatever as her blog caption is “Musings of a house wife” 😦
    lolz anyway she has been removed and ive learned my lesson.

  18. shine87 said

    All fun and games aside. Let me acknowledge here the excellent effort made by The Pak spectator in interviewing me and other bloggers. Being featured on their site gives us the exposure we need and for me at least it has made my blogging experience more of a reality than it previously was. So Thank you Pak Spectator! 🙂

  19. supersizeme said

    Yeah, thank you!
    I’m gunna keep going back on pak spectator, I seriously am upset at how this and youtube type sabotage has begun on pak spectator too, is any place safe? the best thing is to keep moderating the commts or even better, it’ll be hilarious to ”edit” their comments a little, c’mon you admins, have some fun with it, you’re the ones in power on that site!

    i’ve been doing that on my blog for ages, either completely deleting their junk comments or editing them, and having a laugh! (becuase honestly, they’re so full of hatred, i dont know where these fools come from, i’m sure they’re an embarrassment to normal indians (or am i mistaken?) ! 😉

  20. Ayesha said

    Good interview! 🙂

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