How does it feel to be loved?

August 25, 2008

After finishing a ton load of assignments , Iam finally free!

There is a saying in my beloved urdu “Khaali zehn shaitaan kee aamaaj gah hua karta hai”  (An Empty mind becomes sattans abode)

Specially if that khaali zehn has been indulging in highly intellectually challanging ( read sucky) activities previously!

So i got thinking, How would it feel to be loved by someone? (Parents,siblings,friends excluded) lolz frankly the idea bored me. I appreciate the novelty of it, but isnt it all just a lot of talk? I mean who in this time and age of globalisation has time to offer undying love for generations and generations? (lolz excuse the teenagers, the dont know better!) .I ended up reaching the conclusion that “love” is just another instrument us humans have created to keep things interesting.

But darn these poems, This one slightly changed my mind.

I will bash love another day! 🙂


8 Responses to “How does it feel to be loved?”

  1. My Psycho Side said

    You can’t feel it just by thinking about it.. 🙂

  2. shine87 said

    Point taken, but I cant exactly ask some one for a demo either , can I? :p

  3. My Psycho Side said

    May be all you have to do is wait :p

  4. shine87 said

    Waiting is boring, plus it aint anything iam eagerly awaiting! 🙂

  5. д§mд said

    LOL .. at this age its hazardous to read such poems 😛

    Better get involved in crappy activities you are avoiding 😛

  6. lets wait till somebody changes his mind
    loadsa ppl do !! 🙂

  7. ooohhh!!!! what a read!
    and no you dont seem stupid 🙂

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