Chal Diye!!!

August 21, 2008

I believe life is what we decide it to be , Knowingly or unknowingly we chose paths for our selves and spend the rest of our time here walking those paths. But what if someone doesnt want to follow a path ? Logically it would mean that such a course of action will lead to a life time of walking in circles and getting nowhere. What can we do than to be independent ? well in my opinion the next best thing is to make our own path, one that hasnt been walked upon before. But doing that isn’t easy. You face rejection, intollerance , ridicule and what not!

But should the fear of all those things stop you from making that journey? absolutely NOT!! Giving in to fear is blasphemy in my book.Iam not trying to be a super hero here , its just that whenever i want to give up and raise the flag, a mind image of being pimped and abused pops up, so i tear down the flag and keep on moving 🙂 . When you follow the path youve created for yourself happiness, fulfillment and bliss are not guarenteed at the end of the road.They are not the aims here, what we went looking for was independence and in undertaking this journey youve succeeded in performing the single most expressive show of independence anyone can muster!

By the way listen to the song chal diye by Zeb and haniya , Beautiful song by two extremly talented ladies!

Chal diye by Zeb & Hania


2 Responses to “Chal Diye!!!”

  1. You only get one life, yes? So make peace with that, then do what you want!

    Time’s a-tickin’!


    (Nice blog, by the way!)

  2. shine87 said

    Thx for visiting my blog. I believe I am not at peace with my life, and thts the fuel that keeps me going! 🙂

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