January 9, 2008

” Sajni paas bulaao naa kai dil aaj toota hai………………….Saajan maan jao naa kai woh aaj rootha hai.”

The above is a line from the song Sajni by Jal.There is nothing extra ordinary about the song.Vocals are pathetic,Lyrics are sub-standard,Guitaring could have been better and the video is totally cliched.In short the song has nothing that could have enticed me into listening it……………rite?…………..WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! .

The stupid song is stuck in my head since 10 in the morning and its almost 3.50 am and iam still listening to it and and singing along 😦 .I have Transferred it to my cell phone,Ipod and I have even uploaded the video to that pathetic excuse of a social networking site called orkut 😦 .The following sms was sent to everyone on my address book(I stopped counting when the number reached 37) ,

Hey dude listen to “Sajni” by Jal,Its the most awesome song ever”

Did I mention that the numbers of my dad and Our Head of Department were also in there? πŸ™‚

Its like I have become a walking and talking Billboard for jal!

Anyway I’ll be off now and get some sleep.Hopefully by tomorrow i’ll be able to rid my self of this awful song.

Meanwhile enjoy the song πŸ˜‰

“Sajnji paas bulaao naa kai dil aaj toota hai………………….Saajan maan jao naa kai woh aaj rootha hai.”


5 Responses to “Sajni………….”

  1. lunatic.. said

    lols wase btw same here have heard it so many times:P and true there is nothing really special abt it stil its addictive πŸ˜›

  2. UTP said

    Its arright…not that bad as you make it sound….just heard it on ur blog only…its a good first-listener…

  3. shine87 said


    Welcome to my blog and you are absolutely rite πŸ™‚


    Welcome to my blog,its not bad i agree but it doesnot compare to “Aadat” ,There original claim to fame!! πŸ˜‰

  4. My favourite Jal song is ‘Panchi’ πŸ™‚

  5. airin said

    this song has something thats why i m addicted 2 da sng.n farhan n gauhar looks amazing in da song.

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