Realisations And Resolutions!!!!

January 7, 2008

Contrary to public opinion, being the owner of a not-yet-successful blog does have some perks.It can really make you think and question your motives and intentions,it can make you wander into realms of thought that you previously weren’t even aware of.It gives you the freedom to write anything (and I do mean anything) because most people don’t expect anything classy from you and are by nature encouraging and kind.You can write about the most boring and un-note worthy thing out there and no one will care.This relieves a lot of pressure I must admit.

Anyway,getting back to the topic. As I mentioned in an earlier post that iam alone at home these days.The solitude has provided me with ample time to reflect on the year gone bye and i discovered quite a few things which i previously had ignored.

I realised that the year I spent at home waiting to get into a good university was the biggest mistake of my life(so far) , I should have joined the computer engineering program at Szabist.Fast(My current uni) is way better than Szabist but it would have saved me a year, which can needless to say, never be replaced.I have also realized that love can’t be forced down our throats,you have to let it come to you.I came to understand that priorities change so now i really cant blame my college friends for not keeping in touch.I also realized that my parents have been extremely patient and understanding with me during the past year and i shouldn’t test there patience anymore. And most important of all i’ve realised that in a university if your physics teacher doesnt like you , she can then really screw your GPA 😀 (I passed,but barely).

Iam not a resolutions kinda guy and feel no shame in admitting that in all my 20 years , I have never made resolutions for new year,Life has been pretty much instinctive till now.But this year I have decided (rather late) to make some resolutions and fulfill them as well.So,keeping in mind the above realisations (and more) I have decide to make the following resolutions.

1:- I will become a better son.

2:- I will become a better brother.

3:- I will try to become a better Muslim.

4:- I will spend atleast half of my summer hols with a charity.

5:- I will try not to hurt other peoples feelings (specially if those other people just happen to be my teachers 😀 ).

6:- I will make an effort to get more excercise and reduce weight.

7:- I will post regularly on my blog.

8:-And last but not the least I will try to keep myself in a positive frame of mind.

Hope I didnt bore you guys to death 🙂 .


5 Responses to “Realisations And Resolutions!!!!”

  1. stinger said

    Does “being in a positive frame of mind” means being delusional of the harsh realities?

  2. shine87 said

    lol thats actually quite a valid question,it varies from person to person.Your description fits some but in my opinion being in a positve frame of mind reffers to the healing phenomena in the human spirit! 🙂

  3. lubna said

    Actually positive state of mind have nothing to do with shying away from harsh realities.. it actually helps you to cope with harsh realities!

  4. pr3rna said

    // I will post regularly on my blog.// very important keep it up.

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