Of Gals,Chai and Parathaas that can really screw with your plans!!!!

January 5, 2008

Ok so I was going to be “home alone” for 3 days,Three very sweet, awesome and beautiful days if i may say so myself 🙂 .My Parents had gone to Karachi and till they returned theres absolutely no one at home to keep me in check!

Coming back to topic,having afternoon tea with my best mate Bilal at a nearby dhaaba is a daily ritual of mine.During this time we talk about different things.Sometimes its university life and the politics within,sometime we talk about Pakistan and its future(the prediction are getting gloomier by the day).Today unconsciously we started discussing girls,it started with the girls in our respective classes,spread to the girls in the whole university and ended on girls in general.lol we both discovered quite a few things that could be summarized in three points.

1:-Girls in our class were reserved at first but when they opened up……….MAN THEY REALLY OPENED UP!!!!!!! (We seriously didn’t want to know the name of their new French poodles)

2:-Girls in our university are extremely boring and unoriginal

3:-Girls in general are totally complex creatures lol and thats exactly why we r attracted to them.

In between making these observations we devoured 8 parathaas , 4 andaaz and 12 cups of chai collectively(lol yea we do eat loads,though it only shows on me 😦 ) .I didn’t feel anything at first but the food poisoning started to show itself after 2 hours.

Sparing you the details i shitted and barfed a lot but feeling a bit ok now though still in no condition to enjoy the 3 days of blessed and eagerly awaited solitude! ………………. MOM i misssss yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!………………come back!!!!! 😦


2 Responses to “Of Gals,Chai and Parathaas that can really screw with your plans!!!!”

  1. Syed Bilal Abbas said

    lol well dude i agree with your points about the girls of our university…they suck big time !!!!

  2. UTP said

    hehe…reminds me of the old days…

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